S K Garg Chairman of Eldeco Group

SK Garg Chairman of Eldeco Group

Mr. S.K.Garg is the founder of Eldeco Group. Eldeco Group is one of the leading real estate companies, which is doing business for more than 35 years now. Mr. S.K.Garg was a civil lecturer in the premier engineering institute BITS Pilani. Later on he became a consultant for real estate properties in Agra. While working as a consultant, he sensed that there was a void in the field of professional real estate and construction industry. So, he decided to start his own company which could meet the customer demand. He founded Eldeco Group, so he could bridge the gap between the construction and real estate companies and their customers.
While founding Eldeco, Mr. S.K.Garg tried to make it a transparent organization which has customer satisfaction as ranked one on its priority list. Eldeco was founded on the values of excellent and timely services. Mr. S.K.Garg started Eldeco’s operations in Agra and later on it expanded to most of the UP. Gradually it became a known name in the construction and real estate industry. Mr. S.K.Garg followed the principles of providing customer delight through the projects, undertaken by Eldeco. Eldeco has undertaken projects in housing, townships, office complexes and malls etc.

Mr. S.K.Garg has created a very good organization which takes care of the customer needs very well. Eldeco has now expanded to complete North India with different constructing projects. Mr. S.K.Garg started a regional company which was limited in doing the businesses initially to Agra and a few parts of UP, however it has become a national player now. In 1996, Mr. Pankaj Bajaj also joined the company. He is the son of Mr. O.P.Bajaj. Mr. O.P.Bajaj is a businessman and a prominent client for Mr. S.K.Garg. After Pankaj Bajaj joined Eldeco, it became a more prominent name in the real estate and Construction Company.
Mr. S.K.Garg has made Eldeco Group as a trusted name in the real estate and the construction business. He has made its principles to be transparent for doing business. The most important aspect, which Mr. S.K.Garg has made for Eldeco is the customer satisfaction. Eldeco’s projects are completed in a way that it serves its customers in the rightmost manner. Mr. S.K.Garg is a responsible business who understands his social responsibilities as well for his staff. He has tried to help the laborers who worked for him in providing the basic needs for them. Mr. S.K.Garg has set up facilities such as schooling, hygiene facilities and meals etc, which make him a responsible human being as well.